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Commercial cooperation

Brand Settled

AYOUNGPLAZA is located in Xiamen City Sports Road 88, by the international architectural community in the prestigious Korean architect Liu Chunxiu personally written, the total construction area of ​​30,000 square meters, with a total investment of several hundred million dollars. Ouyong aims at "a temperature of the commercial body" as the theme, set catering, entertainment, health, beauty industry, parent-child, arts and art as one, for the pursuit of high quality of life to provide "one-stop leisure and pure experience" Urban new life, let the arbitrary enjoyment of spiritual satisfaction and the warmth of life.
Into Oyon, to the light of life. Ou Yong to leisure and entertainment format as a fundamental to the innovative experience for the purpose of the effective integration of product resources, high demand for selection of business cooperation, refresh the industry famous brand. At present, the stationed brands include: "NUSKIN as new", "Starbucks", "Taipei pure K" (international brand); shallow casual hotel, vats water foot bath, peony restaurant, dragons cut a hundred years hot pot, (Tailor-made brand); Phuket living water Museum, MYU fitness training hall (customized service brand).
Spiritual needs and humanistic care of the continuous integration, metamorphosis of the ultimate recreational life experience, sharing tomorrow brilliant, Ou Yong here waiting for you!
Brand settled in the telephone: 15859208668
Brand settled Contact: Mr. liao

Venue Rental

"AYOUNG space" is located in the Austrian Plaza, 9th floor, by the Japanese teacher Mr. Mei Ze personally designed, an area of 2000 square meters, is a distinctive aerial compound art culture field. Here branded Ouyong "temperature" DNA, polymerization of human "and" temperature, art "beauty" temperature, life "love" the value of the temperature of the brand connotation. "AYOUNG space" with rich experience and high quality spirit, hand in hand art exhibition, humanistic aesthetics, food tasting, music show, private party, etc., for AYOUNG family to create exclusive leisure and entertainment platform.
I am AYOUNG, I have the temperature, I am creative. You are a quality family, you have to leisure, you want to warm. Humanized multi-function hall, romantic and warm rose garden, chic Alice long table, full of charm in the air corridor, exquisite human experience area, will wait for you to witness your belongings and entertainment.
Activities Site Cooperation Tel: 15859208668
Contact: Mr. liao

Advertising Rental

AYOUNGPLAZA, Xiamen Island rich cultural and artistic atmosphere of the collection, the most bustling style of business district, everywhere highlight the healthy and progressive city vitality. The whole square shaped like a large shell, by shellfish is the source of jewelry, is also the source of wealth, given the Austrian art, a symbol of wealth. AYOUNGPLAZA embraced a wide range of leisure and entertainment formats such as catering, entertainment, health, beauty industry, parenting, literature and so on, feeling the warmth and joy of your inner infinity. And life, to be aware of; meet with life, to be moved; with the current companionship, to meet; meet with the future, and the United States.
You have food and drink, tell me, I let you laugh harvest; you have human art, told me that I let you express your expression; you have a sense of beauty, told me that I let you think about walking. At this moment, as long as you have something, I will be able to open up for you. Excellent location, quality of life tastes, here, AYOUNGPLAZA waiting for you to share your wisdom.
Square advertising rental phone: 15859208668
Contact: Mr. liao

Contact Us

  • Telephone:0592-5367705

  • Address:No. 88 Sports Road, Siming District, Xiamen City (Yu Xiu junction)

  • Bus Line:Take the bus 8,88,86,9,941 to the Arts and Arts Center South Station can get off.